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“I enjoy the idea of being able to set my own agenda for the day and the week. I no longer have to live by a timetable, or not as much anyway. “

This is why my Premier is #morethansport

Before I became a Premier franchise owner I had been a PE teacher for nearly 20 years. I had worked in state and private schools, and some of my roles included; Housemaster, Senior Leader and Head of Boys' Games.

I wanted a career change, looking at alternatives in the Sport and Education sector and was keen to relocate to Kent. I had not seen much in the way of teaching jobs in the area and had a look at other possibilities, when I stumbled across Premier Sport. I had a few conversations with people that I knew who were familiar with the company and they all had very positive things to say. So, I took the next step and contacted Phil Gaffer. As luck would have it, there were two territories in Kent that were available and one of them became mine. I met with Phil to discuss the opportunity and really liked the idea of being my own boss in an industry that I had quite a lot of knowledge in.

Getting your business up and running...

How did you raise the finance?

As we were relocating, I was able to use some of the equity from the sale of our house, but the main finance source came from the bank, which was a very simple process using the support from Premier Sport.

What training and support did you receive, initially and ongoing? 

Once I had signed up with Premier Sport, we followed our induction program in the Summer of 2015 at HQ. It was good to meet up with other new franchise owners to discuss our pasts and how we were all hoping to move forwards with our business ventures. We have all become good friends and use each other regularly to share ideas and good practice. We had training from HQ in Marketing, Sales, Social Media as well as the general products on offer. It was a busy week, but gave us a good platform from which to build. 

What is a typical day for you as a franchisee? 

Early wake up to check for emails and messages from schools and staff. I spend the morning planning for meetings or teaching, as well as general admin in the office relating to finance, growth or staffing structure planning for the future. At the moment I am doing a fair amount of delivery myself so in the afternoons I am either teaching or visiting schools. 

What challenges have you faced? 

Staffing is one of the biggest challenges, though I now have a great team who are all keen to work hard and progress in their roles. My biggest fear initially was sales, but with initial support, I was quickly able to see how to best handle a sales meeting and from then I have really enjoyed it. I had no previous sales experience whatsoever and would have never thought of myself as someone who could sell anything. Essentially schools are as keen to use our services as we are to have them as a customer.

Has becoming a Premier franchisee changed your life, if so how?

I enjoy the idea of being able to set my own agenda for the day and the week. I no longer have to live by a timetable, or not as much anyway. I get to meet lots of very interesting people; both staff in schools, and the children. Being an employer as opposed to an employee has taken a bit of getting used to, but is a role that I enjoy. I would say that I have got more control over my life now, than I did as a teacher.

What is the most invaluable piece of advice you could give someone looking to buy their first franchise? 

DO IT! Follow the plan. If it is working for so many different franchisees across the country, it must be good and it must work. I listen to all the little bits of advice I get from various people either at national or local level and try to incorporate it into my business. Also, be brave, go and introduce yourself to schools and tell them what you can offer them. It can be very lonely sitting in an office waiting for a phone to ring.

What are your plans for the future?

We have already in the space of a year, worked in nearly half of the schools in the territory. We have had to cut down due to the increased amount of work that we have been given by some of the schools, so the plan is to increase my staff numbers to be able to get back into more of the schools and to increase the amount of work we do with them through good quality service. 

Would you do it again?


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