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When investing in a business opportunity you want to know it is built on solid foundations and it can demonstrate a history of progression and innovation. As a Premier franchisee business partner you are safe in the knowledge that you are tapping into our long and successful history of business generation and support but importantly our ability to invest in our future.

We have been providing schools, children and parents with innovative physical activity programmes and initiatives for over sixteen years. Over this successful period we have constantly strived to enhance our model by investing in complementary programmes and leading edge technology. To demonstrate our continued investment into the business model and developing additional incomes streams for our franchisee business partners; The Premier Education Group now proudly provides a market leading range of services to schools and communities through not only Premier Sport but, Premier Performing Arts Premier Transition and The Golden Mile.

The main driver in everything we do is to focus on the child. By having access to our complementary brands you will be able to deliver the best programmes and solutions to get every child active and elevate your business from the competition who deliver Busy, Happy, Good to the Premier way which is delivering Outstanding!

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Premier Sport

Premier Sport, the UK's largest children's coaching company delivering more than 25,000 sport and physical activities every month.

Premier Sport is the UK's largest children's coaching company of its kind

Children Running Premier SportSuccessfully delivering more than 25,000 sport and physical activity sessions every month. Premier Sport supports teachers in their curriculum delivery and provides parents with an invaluable service before, during, afterschool and during holiday periods.

Since its inception in 1999 Premier Sport has strived to push the boundaries of what excellent sport and physical education looks like.  As a founding member of UkActive Kids, and the first organisation of its kind to be awarded the highly prestigious Quality in Study Support (QiSS) kitemark, Premier Sport works closely with schools across the country to inspire children to live a healthy, fit and fun life.

In 2013 Premier Sport launched the Inspire Programme a ground -breaking initiative delivered by our fully qualified sports professionals.  The programme offers schools tailor made suites of sport and activity options which are targeted towards achieving curriculum outcomes. It is designed to be inclusive, with complete activity structures to engage all pupils, from those not normally inspired by sport, through to the budding stars of the future.

Premier Sport staff are all National Governing Body qualified and have industry leading insurance, liability and safeguarding certification. We also believe in nurturing talent and supporting those wanting to gain additional qualifications and skills in the work place and in 2012 we became an accredited training provider meaning we deliver accredited training to qualified coaches and instructors.

Premier Sport has also supported some of the most recognisable brands in the UK including ASDA, Robinsons, Chewits, McDonalds and Yazoo to deliver community programmes.

To find out more on Premier Sport visit www.premiersport.org

Premier Performing Arts

Premier Performing Arts provides dance, drama & music to schools, children and adults, including curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Setting the stage for your children to thrive...

Children Dancing Performing ArtsPremier Performing Arts provides dance, drama & music organisation to schools, children and adults, including bespoke curriculum programmes, extra-curricular, holiday clubs, elite academy programmes and much more.

A founding member of Ukactive Kids we continue to strive for excellence in the schools sector and have been actively campaigning to raise the standards of delivery within a school environment.

An official supporter of the Arts Awards, all of Premier Performing Arts Instructors are fully qualified to deliver and support young people in achieving their Arts Award certification.

To find out more on Premier Performing Arts visit www.premierperformingarts.co.uk

Golden Mile

The Golden Mile inspires and encourages school communities through fun physical activities, rewarding children and schools.

A simple rewarding, measurable physical activity initiative...

Children Running for Golden MileThe Golden Mile aims to inspire and encourage school communities through physical activity with the focus on fun, rewarding personal achievement, pupil leadership, raising essential funds and school competition.

We reinforce the message from the Department of Health that children should engage in regular daily physical activity habits across the week, every week all year round.

Schools - How it works

Children Running for Golden MileThe Golden Mile is a safe, simple and measurable health & physical activity initiative accessible to all your pupils regardless of age or ability.

The Golden Mile is an all year round initiative whereby Pupils, Staff and parents can get involved. Simply walk, jog or run around your Golden Mile track within the safety of the school grounds and then use our downloadable resources to help you upload the number of laps your pupil’s achieve.

Your interactive School and class pages will do the rest and convert laps into Miles and display the pupil’s progress via graphs, league tables.

The Golden Mile is unique in the way that it is supported by an online system that is accessed by the school to record all data. The system is personal to the school and will provide you with measurable data through a pupil’s school career.

Everyone taking part will find the initiative rewarding. Physical activity brings all sorts of benefits, such as confidence and stronger self-esteem, more energy, better memory, and simply a good feeling about themselves— The Golden Mile will help achieve this.

Children Running for Golden MileImpact Measurements

The Golden Mile will assist you in monitoring fitness levels at the start of the programme and throughout the school year. Providing a % improvement for each child, each class and the whole school and along with all the other measurable data provided for each child it will improve Physical Education reporting for schools.

Pupil leadership

The Golden Mile is great tool for empowering year 6 pupils to manage the initiative for the whole school.

A great way of appointing Golden Mile monitors is getting the pupils to apply for the position. Electing 1 responsible monitor from each year 6 class and empower them to manager 1 class each within the school.

The Golden Mile supports the Junior Play Leaders Award (JPLA) scheme that, ‘responds to the needs of individual schools through a training programme that focuses on pupils and encourages them to take more responsibility for developing active, healthy playgrounds for all through collaborative play.’

The Golden Mile focuses on the development of the whole child, promoting integration and co-operation between children of all ages and their adult counterparts.

Children Running for Golden MileCompetition

Pupils can compete against other pupils and every class can compete against other classes. We’ve also introduced the School vs. School challenge, whereby you can compete against other schools also participating in the Golden Mile, as well as inviting neighbouring schools to join the scheme and take up the challenge.


The Golden Mile needs no specialist equipment and it is not impeded by the size of the school. Time and workload can be managed through simple implementation and our Customer Relationship Coordinator’s are available to assist in setting your school. Setup takes minutes with measurable data that can last throughout the pupil’s entire school career. Following initial data supplied and uploaded to your online system by an adult representative in the school, The Golden Mile monitors can manage each class throughout the school year.

Parental engagement

Parents can also get involved with schools. Parent email addresses can be associated to each pupil and as soon as their child reaches a certificate milestone they will receive an email. Parents are also invited to take part in the Golden Mile before and after school with their child, invited to fundraising days and attend reward assemblies.

To find out more on the Golden Mile visit www.golden-mile.org

Premier Transition

Premier Transition aims to inspire healthy changes that have a positive impact on the lives of children, parents and the community.

At Premier Transition we aim to inspire healthy changes

Premier Transition Brands
Having a positive impact on the lives of children, parents and the wider community. We understand that telling a child to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day is not enough to change their eating habits and we realise that asking a child to drink 6-8 cups of water a day won’t prevent dehydration. Premier Transition programmes don’t just provide children with the facts, they inspire and develop a ‘whole school approach’ which extends out to school caterers, teachers, parents, friends and families.

Premier Transition benefits all ages from pre-pregnancy nutrition through to adult fitness via one of our 3 healthy lifestyle programmes, Play-Trition (0-5 years), Fun-Trition (5-11 years) and Fit-Trition (Parents). All of these are designed to complement each other through consistent health messages using the main principles of keeping healthy; eating well, drinking well, moving well and sleeping well.

Food education, fitness and sustainability are just some of the topics that are brought to life through fun, interactive sessions that don’t just increase knowledge but also develop practical cooking skills, emotional awareness, determination and motivation to change. Creative and thought provoking home tasks are promoted to families using an online portal and children are recognised and rewarded for utilising their new skills at home.

Premier Transition programmes also support schools in delivering on the health and well-being agenda which over time will lead to better pupil behaviour, attendance and improved academic achievement.

To find out more about Premier Transition http://www.premiertransition.co.uk/

Partner yourself with the best. . .

  • Three week initial franchisee induction training course
  • Weekly Online webinar seminars with support team and industry experts
  • 121 support from Teaching franchisee
  • Initial Sales meeting accompaniment
  • Total of 42 days face to face support each year

Dedicated Support The Team Behind You

When it comes to training and support, our Premier franchisee business partners receive the best in the industry. That’s because we believe that our success is driven by your success. So you can look forward to face to face hands on practical support from one of our teaching franchisees.

Who better to be your own personal mentor plus your wingman at your first sales meetings than an experienced franchisee to make sure you are on track.

In addition to your local support we are behind you all the way by giving you access via the Premier FAST support team to over 150 years combined experience of our world.

Delivering core training throughout the year culminating in an invite to our inspiring National Training Event.

National Training Events

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